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We provide complete warranty service for the bicycles we sell, guaranteeing your satisfaction. The length of the warranty is available on each product page. For complete details please read our Limited_Warranty.


When using any bicycle including our electric bicycles, you should ride safely and pay primary attention to the road, traffic or trail conditions. If you do not have the mechanical ability to correctly and safely install the components of your electric bike, you should obtain the services of a professional bicycle shop or other qualified technician. Your bike is an electric motor vehicle that has exposed moving parts, electrical connections and high powered batteries. Any or all of these components can be dangerous! Federal Law mandates that no person under the age of 16 shall operate a motorized bicycle. Always wear a helmet, ride responsibly and observe all Federal, State and Local laws.

Bike Law

Our bicycles are classified as ‘Electric Bicycles’ in the US. This means that you can ride in bike lanes, on the road, and on sidewalks in most cities (some cities restrict bicycles from some sidewalks in some pedestrian areas). Riding an electric bike doesn’t require a license, registration, or insurance. The main thing to understand is that our products follow the same rules and laws as bicycles, with an additional speed limit of 20mph.

This is our best understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding electric bicycles as derived from the Consumer Product Safety Commission Web Site. Please consult your local officials for complete details for your area. This is NOT legal advice.

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  • The Del Mar Green Electric Bike Company was established in 2009 with the idea that more and more people want to save on fuel cost, have a concern for the environment and want to stay healthy. We have all types of bikes and scooters which we offer at a discount to our customers and ship directly to your home or business. If you are interested in fund raising for a small organization, school events, bike club, or small & large business employee wellness programs contact us for how we can help.


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